Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mold Case Part 4

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We were ready to leave it all behind.... what have we decided to do?
Read on and you will find out.

So last Thursday we drove up the coast 3 hours to get to Santa Barbara (wow California is beautiful! You tend to forget how beautiful when you are rushing to therapies every day!) to go see a Doctor who is a mold specialist. She was affected by mold sickness herself and now treats mold patients. I had sent her all the test results before hand so she could revise them, so after a short history she started to do an extensive treatment plan (5 pages) for Annabelle, here's a shortened version:
She said Annabelle's body has been subjected to many toxins and is like a barrel that is filled to the brim and possibly over flowing. Her body is finding it difficult to process and eliminate these toxins and to develop at the same time, so what we need to do is eliminate all toxins in her environment and also try to eliminate the toxins inside her body too, to help her heal.

Environmental controls
  1. Avoid exposure to water damaged/moldy environments
  2. Avoid exposure to pesticides, solvents/VOC's (paint, carpeting, adhesives furniture, cleaning products personal care products, smoke, traffic pollution, Plastics, heavy metals, Dry cleaning
  3. Clean all household with baking soda, vinegar, Borax including clothes.
  4. Organic diets minimizes exposure to pesticides and other contaminants
  5. Filter drinking, bathing and washing water
  6. Use a triple element air filter
  7. Create bedroom sanctuary un-carpeted room with healthy non-contaminated bedding and sleeepware
  8. If outdoor air quality is good spend as much time outdoors
  9. Spend time daily in sun without sunblock
Just to add this in for those who don't live in California this is a fumigation tent that is put over the whole house and pesticides are pumped into the house and left there for 16 hours then they take the tent off and it kills all the bugs. This is what I came home to on Friday morning, this is the house next door and this is after the Doctor had specifically told us to avoid pesticides well to say the least I freaked out.

We called the company and made sure they secured the tent down properly so that none would come over to us they assure us they would. We closed our windows and went out the whole day when the tent came off so that we wouldn't breath in any of the pesticides! This is just one of the challenges we have faced this past week.

Internal controls

She has also prescribed Cholestrymine (this will help bind the mold toxins in her system and excrete it in her stool) to be taken with Charcoal also a binding agent
Nasal Fluconazole spray for her nose
Ketoconazole shampoo to be used all over her body for the rashes she has.

She recommended this great soap which we all tried tonight its by Collective Wellbeing Detox Charcoal Cleanse Soap  we really felt good after using it

Warm Epsom salt baths with 1 cup of espom salt per bath

Sauna therapy ideally with far infared sauna

She also has given us Nasal glutathione to be used in conjunction with the glutathione cream

Supplements - she has recommended an whole bunch of new ones to add to the ones she is already taking I will be taking that slowly introducing one at a time.

We talked about what to do with our furniture and she recommended we get in touch with Jack Thrasher Phd which we did. He did not say yes or no directly he said that mold affects different people in different ways some people will be fine taking their stuff and would have no problems others who are more sensitive would not be fine with taking their stuff. This includes clothes even after washing them. Which we did take with us. And until we go away and leave our stuff, clothes and furniture we will not know how badly its affecting Annabelle just like we didn't know how badly the house was affecting her before we moved.

In the mean time while we make up our minds about what to do we have done a huge clean, washing everything in Borax and wiping everything with hydrogen peroxide. Making her bedroom a sanctuary.

Watch out mold spores your days are numbered!

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  1. There is a lot to be said about the advice that you have been given. I think its great. I do believe that we pollute our world with far to many artificial products for cleaning (household and personal) and in food. Keep it natural and wholesome and you are so much less likely to encounter problems. Vinegar and Borax are so much better for you and the environment, and clean as well, if not better, than commercial cleaning products if you would prefer a different scent, then try adding natural scents like a bit of lemon juice (can be very good for stains), or crushed leaves from the lemon tree for scenting. Luv Kaz