Saturday, November 6, 2010

"No matter where you go, there you are"

So today and for the past week we have been selling our worldly possessions, Craigs list, Ebay, and then this morning a Garage Sale.

We have been in the USA for 4,5 years and our Visas run out May '11 my husbands employer wants him back in the UK to manage things in Europe now. We have taken this opportunity to make a clean start, sell everything that could have possibly be contaminated by the mold, and live simpler lives.

If there is any slim chance that Annabelle could be still affected by the furniture that was in the house and if it means that we have to get rid of it, we are willing to take that chance by getting rid of it. Our daughter has done so well since we have moved and her life is far more important than a couch that we own or the clothes that we wear.

At the moment we are trusting God to lead us he has promised that with Him all things are possible and I believe he is showing us the way we just have to listen to him.

The title of this blog "No matter where you go, there you are" I never really understood it until recently I was chatting to Elinor, Annabelle's Feldenkrais practitioner, and it came up, Yes we are moving back home, yes we are leaving everything behind, no we are not trying to run away, we are still who we are, we still have deep feelings of sorrow for what has happened to our daughter and to our family, we have had to face some hard stuff, loss of our health, our home, our worldly possessions. But we still have each other, we still can laugh, cry and love. And most importantly we have God to help us through.


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  1. I second that amen!
    We are going to miss the entire Brabham family so much, but thank goodness for modern technology so we can keep in touch in an instant.
    Many wonderful blessings are in store for all of you...