Saturday, January 23, 2010

The lessons we come to learn

I believe that people come into our lives to help us learn the lessons we were meant to learn in this life, and especially our children. At first I thought Annabelle was given to me to learn patience, I always thought I was a patient person but oh boy Annabelle has stretched me to my limits and beyond some days.

But now I think that wasn't the real lesson I need to learn, I now think it is my ability to ask for help was the real lesson. I have always been a very independent person never wanting help from anybody to do anything and always thought my way was the best way to do it. Take for instance packing the dishwasher if my husband does not pack the dishwasher exactly the way I would do it, it would be wrong, and I would have to re-organize all the dishes my way. To the point were I would have to do everything because it wasn't being done my way. Well now that Annabelle needs so much of my time some days I don't even have time to pack the dishwasher let alone repack it if it was not done in the right way. Now I let my husband pack the dishes the way he wants to, its not wrong, its just different. I do need help to get through this I can't help Annabelle if I don't get help myself.
I came to this realization when 2 of my neighbors came by my house offering to help me, either to look after my son, help me clean my house, look after Annabelle while I take a shower. Before Annabelle's Angels they did not know about Annabelle and I would not have dreamed about asking for help. But without family nearby we have to rely on friends, neighbors to be there for us when things are tough. I just need to learn how to ask.

Annabelle doing really well sitting on the couch if you put her in the groove she will stay there for about 10-15 minutes before toppling over and of course if the right show is on the TV.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Truly Angels!!!!

These ladies are my dear friends and are truly Angels, the original Angels,
Zen, Thalia, Erin, Lyndsey, Madeline, Simone, Raegen, Melanie, Pamela and Casey.
At the busiest time of the year, just before Christmas, they all took time out to help my daughter, and I am truly grateful.
They amazed us all by showing how powerful moms are, in less than a month they managed to fund raise $12000,00 for tests and therapies for Annabelle.
Not only did they raise money but prayers where being said for my daughter and our family,  I received notes and emails saying people where thinking of us we were truly blessed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Search for Answers - Cousin Caroline

On returning from England, we were a little disappointed that we could not obtain the medical records for Cousin Caroline. My husbands Aunt called various doctors and hospitals and they all said they do not keep records for more than 12 years and since it has been 26 years since Caroline passed away we have given up hope on getting our answers there. We did manage to get these 2 photos of her and we are hoping that "a picture will tell a thousand words" to the next set of doctors we see. Caroline Age 3.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Prayer for Annabelle

O God of the impossible
All things are possible with Thee!
Give me the faith for the impossible -
To trust implicitly!
And when I ask impossibilities
Our Father God, of Thee,
And know that Thou art able,
I prove my faith in Thee
If I ask only "possibles"
I reduce Thee to my size,
And limit Thee to my requests
As seen through human eyes,
But Thou dost love to give much more
Than my mean cup can hold,
So, Father, help me ask aright,
And in Thy Will be bold.
Give me the vision of Thy Power
Thy inexhaustible store,
That, no matter what I ask of Thee,
There is forever - more!
Give me the faith to comprehend
Thy Will, O Lord, for me...
That in Thy Will Thou wilt perform
Mavis L Greig

" with God all things are possible.
(Matt. 19 :26)