Monday, November 15, 2010

If only we knew....

This ones for you Sharna - a Purple Couch
Caramel Macchiato mmmmm

Tonight I was chatting with an old friend on FB, we used to work together in England. We became friends because of our love of coffee, we used to go to Starbucks in our lunch break order Caramel Macchiato's and sip them and lounge on these wonderful purple couches they had there, until it was time to go back to work. Sometimes we used to moan about work, well actually all of the time we used to moan about work, little did we know how good we had it back then!

We said that we longed for those days and would love to have the freedom we had back then, we have fond memories of those days. We both said that every time we pass a Starbucks we try recreate those times and remember each other. But it's just not the same now.  There are no Starbucks in Perth Australia where she lives now, and the Starbucks here in California don't have couches and you don't get coffee in proper mugs only in paper cups. And of course we both have 2 children now and there is always something on the To do list and there certainly is no time for lounging. 
The fond memories need to stay in the past.

You need to appreciate the moment you are in now. Back then we didn't really appreciate those moments, where you bond with friends and they leave a mark on your heart forever.

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