Friday, September 10, 2010

Mold Case Part 1

Talking about TV shows, my all time favourite TV show "House" is starting its new season on the September 20,  I love this show, it has everything humour, romance, suspense, drama, oh did I mention humour. Well you get the drift but my favourite part is when he always seems to be able to diagnose the patient, even if the patient is dead. He will send his team out Foreman, 13 or Chase to the patients house (even if they have to break in!) to find out more about the patient and get a history. Taking samples of anything toxic in the house, sniffing around bottles, riffling through drawers. Well you would never have guessed no doctor has ever come round to our house to get a history on Annabelle or even broken in to get one. I wish more doctors were more like Gregory House may be, just may be we would have a diagnosis by now!

So the last you heard about the mold we had seen an environmental doctor and he had ordered a urine test that was going to give us some answers.

I also went to see the environment doctor, because I was also having symptoms and he said that if it was the mold causing the problems I would be a good person to test, (being an adult I can take pain better not!)
Well his first suggestion was to do a CBC blood test, the second was to do an allergy test this is where they inject minute amounts of dead mold under your skin and see what reactions you come up with. Well I would not recommend this test for to anybody especially if they are allergic to the substance that they are injecting, the first injection I started to feel dizzy, then she would wait 10 minutes and see what symptoms would appear then inject me with a lesser dose, the injections felt like fire going into my arm stinging like you won't believe, other symptoms I had were my left hand itching, my chest becoming tight, and started coughing, my nose burning, and it also felt like I had taken recreational drugs I was so woozy (Note to Mom "not that I would know what that feels like I just could imagine")  2 hours after the test, my arm swelled up like a balloon. They injected me with the 2 types of molds that was prevalent in the house, which were ( the first line on my arm) Aspergilus/Penicillium and (the second line on my arm) Chaetomium. In the first picture she drew round circles on my arm where the liquid had gone in just in case I had no reaction, then they would know where it originated from.

The photos really don't do it justice, my arm felt like it was on fire, it still itches now when I think about it. So guess what? I am allergic to the 2 prevalent types of mold that were in the house. The results of the CBC were that my white blood cell count was low. This still doesn't tell us did the mold affect Annabelle? Well you have to wait for Mold Case Part 2 coming soon.

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