Thursday, November 18, 2010

Banana love affair

Yes my child is in love with bananas she will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She will even take her medicine with no complaints when its mixed with .. yes you guessed it.....bananas. This morning it was like she was in heaven eating her banana. Rolling it around her mouth even getting good lip closure (for those of you who don't know the world of special needs terminology - kiddo's with oral motor issues usually have trouble closing their lips hence a lot of kiddo's drool a lot.) Because Annabelle has oral motor issues and swallowing issues she battles with movement of her tongue and movement of her lips and coordinating it all so that she can eat - But it seems not when it comes to bananas.
So bananas will be on the menu for the foreseeable future.

Well you are probably thinking, if you have been following our blog, what happened to the swallow study that we were supposed to do? If you want to catch up here and here .
We were due to do a repeat swallow study to see if there was any regression after having stopped doing the Vitalstim therapy for 3 months.  To see if she has started to aspirate again. Well it has been 5 months since we stopped Vitalstim she has not had a chest infection, bronchitis, pneumonia in this time ( this would definitely indicate that food/liquids when swallowed was going into the lungs, meaning she was still aspirating) and she hasn't so that's good news. Also since we left our previous house the vomiting has been minimal and she is still eating and drinking well.

So I emailed the therapist that used to see Annabelle for Vital Stim and we have decided to put the swallow study on hold for now because Annabelle is going through this detoxing of the mold toxins and to subject her body to unnecessary test which includes X-rays (radiation) would be silly, when we can see clinically that she is doing a lot better. Just in time to eat all that turkey next week for Thanksgiving.
"Get me out of these pumpkins and give me a BANANA!"Said Miss Lip

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  1. My son has this feeling about mac n cheese. That, and eggs. Hmmm. . . all these foods are yellow--maybe there's a connection?