Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trying new things they might surprise you -VitalStim Update

It has been a month since we stopped doing VitalStim therapy and when the therapists told me that they thought we should take a break for 3 months my heart did stop for a while. I didn't think Annabelle was ready to stop the therapy especially not for 3 months. It's like somebody telling you to stop putting diapers on your child and you know your child is not potty trained, you will just end up with a big old mess, or will you? Will your child surprise you?

Well having a special needs child with developmental delays you become overly cautious about expecting your child to surprise you, as you have had months of wishing, wanting, praying they will surprise you (especially around Christmas and birthdays "wouldn't it be a great present if she just .... ?). This leads you to not trying new things and getting stuck in a rut of what you know they can do. This can be detrimental to your child's progress.

I have been in this situation all to often with Annabelle, scared to try new things because it might upset the status quo, but I am learning that sometimes you don't know until you try. The therapists seemed to be convinced that Annabelle was ready to stop therapy, but all I had in my mind was how she was like before we began therapy choking, coughing, gagging then refusing to eat. Well may be this time round Annabelle will surprise me.

Annabelle is still eating, swallowing and even drinking. We have less than 2 months to go till the swallow study we will keep you posted.

Annabelle decided to surprise us by sitting at the beach

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