Saturday, January 1, 2011

NEW and NOW resolutions

A year ago I only had enough strength to make one new years resolution, and it was to start a blog, this blog in fact. The purpose was to keep all the wonderful people who had donated money to the Annabelles angels fundraiser updated on how Annabelle was doing and what we were doing with the money they raised for us. Little did I know that a year later I would have fullfilled that resolution and that this blog has become much more to me that I could ever have imagined.

At school I was always good at maths, science, home economics, accounting. I was never good at subjects like English, creative writing, art, I would just scrape through with just a pass. So the thought of actually putting words into a blog, being creative and people actually reading it scared me a bit. But I thought I would give it a bash!

Talk about being cathartic, a release, a way of getting all those thoughts in my head floating around and driving me crazy out there, it has been fanomanal!

And then there's the idea that possibly our blog could help somebody who is going through something similar to what we have been though and it could make their journey easier or point them in the right direction, or even ease there heart by knowing that they are not alone, because society is not the way it used to be where you have a village around to help you and support you, the internet is the village of our future.

I am so glad I fulfilled my resolution.

Well our 2011 is going to be full of NEW! I am open to the new that is coming into our lives. Our move back home we will find new doctors, new therapists, new systems, new schools, new house, new furniture, a clean start.

In 2010 we discovered what we were up against who/what we were fighting, then it turned into how we would detox the toxins that were in our bodies from the mold. Then we got into action and cleaned out our lives, simplified things. Now in 2011, there will be more detoxing and we are going to be running more tests on Annabelle to see if what we are doing is reducing the toxins in her body. Then we will be ready for the renewal the healing to take place in Annabelle, which has already started.

This year I hope for more strength, hope, joy and happiness, I have the wish to appreciate the NOW the every moment, not worrying about the future as much, as you do a lot when you have a special needs child, that every day I can bring laughter to my childrens faces. To be more present in the joy of every moment.

Well those are my 2 resolutions NEW and NOW. Very different from last year, but things have changed so much just in one short year who would have believed it? May be this blog helped heal my soul? What resolutions have you made this year?

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  1. I LOVE your resolutions! Yes YOU are healing your soul. And your soul is perfect right NOW, thw way it is. Thank you for sharing your blog over the year!!! You inspired me to write my blog which has bloomed for me, like a flower in a desert of years of not being creative. I am a writer now! you inspired me!
    My resolutions this year are to turn my life upside down! Sounds crazy! But for me it means to do something I NEVER would have done before, everyday. To come from doing things a completely new way and be present to the moment right now. So I guess our resolutions are pretty much the same. Brilliant minds think alike!!!
    I love you Sandi. You are wonderful.