Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being Supermom

We started the new year with my husband leaving us in California to go to the UK to start his new job, before he left we moved into a furnished condo, at least we are in one place until we fly back to England on January 29.

So for the last week I know what it feels like to be a single mom, I take my hat off to all those single moms out there doing it alone, especially those with special needs children.

Usually it would be a short walk to get Matthew to school now we have to drive to get there, Annabelle caught a cold and has been acting like a cling-on if I put her down she cries until I pick her up and hold her. While holding her I have to cook, clean, take the trash out, grocery shop, change diapers, homework, reading, bedtime stories, doing puzzles, bathing,feeding, brushing teeth and somewhere between all that get therapy in too! 

look at the cool puzzle we did

And to top it all off I have the cold now too!

Friday Martin gets back from his trip, Saturday is Annabelle's third birthday and we have 18 kids and their parents coming over to celebrate. And I have a party to organize.

I do feel like Supermom at the moment, if I don't I won't get through this week!

Recently on one of the yahoo groups I read, somebody posed a question to everybody "what support do people get from their spouse" in regards to helping with therapy, around the house, support financially, decision making...... the list goes on. Well this has sparked much discussion, firstly one lady responded saying that the divorce rate if you have a special needs child is 94% (oh boy not very good odds) because of all the added stress that comes with having a special needs child, some said that their husbands could not accept that their child was injured and could not deal with it some had left, leaving their wives to look after the child on their own. Others were grateful that they had a supportive husband but were so focused on rehabilitating the child that they have forgotten how to have fun.

When my husband is away like he is now, it really hits home how much he does for us every day, reading every bodies posts I became so grateful that he accepts Annabelle for who she is, but also will do everything in his power to help her. That he is so supportive of all the therapies that I have suggested, that he financially supports us so that I can stay home and look after our two children. It doesn't mean we don't have our differences and we don't argue, we do, but we need to remember that we are both trying to be super parents to 2 very special kids.

Another thing I got out of the posts, is that we also need to look after ourselves, so that we can look after our children, like I haven't had a haircut for over six months, there just doesn't seem to be time and the money always seems to be spent on therapy, but anyway I decided because we are having a party on Saturday I am getting my hair done. We also need more date nights! and spend more time with each other as a couple, hopefully once this move is all over we will get more chances to do that.

Have you hugged your husband today? - Here's a virtual hug coming your way Martin ((((  )))) I love you and miss you.

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