Monday, January 17, 2011

My Third Birthday

 Annabelle turned three on Saturday, this is how her day went.

She woke up to everybody including Daddy (who has been away for 2 weeks and came back Friday night) coming into her bedroom to sing her happy birthday, this seemed to be too much for her and she started to cry so we all stopped singing and decided to open up birthday cards and presents, now this she liked alot more, she loved ripping the cards open then ripping the wrapping paper off her presents.

After breakfast we rushed to the hairdressers for Annabelle's first haircut, they really did a great job. Annabelle sat on my lap why the hairdresser carefully cut her hair, another hairdresser had to come over to hold Annabelle's head aswell, because she moves alot because of her dyskensia, the hairdresser did not want to cut her or stab her with the scissors. Then they put pretty pink flowers in her hair too.

Then we got home and got ready for the party, all the friends that we have made here in California were coming round for Annabelles birthday and also to say goodbye before we left for the UK. To keep all the children amused we hired the most amazing entertainer her name is Annie Bananie Balloon Storyteller she does balloon twisting and keeps the children engaged, cleaverly asking each child what ballon they want her to make for them, and then making the most amazing creations for each one, with soo much detail. Annabelle of course being the birthday girl got a princess crown and a wand.

She made butterfly wings, flowers, peace signs, monkeys, dinosaurs, bow and arrow, baseball and bat, a special ball game, football posts, princess crown, pirate hat and sword, a pin wheel fan, all the kids were facinated and watched intently at what Annie was going to make next it was great. She went from shortest to tallest and  Matthew being the tallest got to go last she made him a jet pack, he loved it.

Then she taught them all how to make swords out of the balloon she gave them and then they went to the grass outside to have a sword fight.

Then it was time to have cake! And all princesses need a castle.........

I like to make my children their birthday cakes it has become a tradition in our house and Matthew now plans all year what cake he want me to make for his birthday he has had pirate ships, a dinosaur, under the sea cake, last year he had a milenium falcon from star wars cake. So I wanted to do the same for Annabelle, so the theme for the party was princess so I make a castle. She loved it! We all helped her blow out the candles.

But then when everybody started to sing happy birthday she did not like that again! I am not sure why she does not like that song.

 All princesses need a crown so we got this wonderful crown from better than normal a shop that is on Etsy 

We all had a good time eventually Annabelle crashed in bed after a great 3rd Birthday, all princesses need their sleep you know!


  1. Happy Birthday Annabelle! You look so grown up! Sandi, great job on the cake- adorable!

  2. Perfectly lovey! Happy Birthday, Princess!


  3. Dear Sandi, it's Mel from California clinic, we've been following your blog; sorry we never made it back, it was lovely to meet you and my kids loved Matthew and Annabelle. Her party and cake looked gorgeous as did the birthday girl herself. I hope your move back to the UK goes smoothly, Oatie's blog is if you'd like to see what he's up to.

    I loved your post it's so true, and the book what to expect while your expecting should be the kindling in the firepit!!!

    Oatie send hugs to Annabelle, Oh and say hi to Martyn too, you look fab too.