Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh Geez why do they torture us parents?

Yes Annabelle turned 2 years and 8 months and the process of transferring from the regional center to the school district has begun. The preschool called to schedule the transition meeting ( which is tomorrow ) and as usual I haven't filled in the forms yet. Husbands has been away this week on business, so I have been juggling things by myself, and filling the forms in was the last thing on the list! So I pull them out and as usual they want to know the childs developmental history:
Developmental milestones: When did she do things fist well here is what it looks like:

Rolled over: 8 weeks ( yes I thought she was going to be so advanced because she rolled so early )
Sat Alone: ------------
Crawled: 15 months
Walked alone: -----------
Dressed Self: ------------
Ate Solids: 12 months
Fed self with fork or spoon:-----------
Smiled in response to people: 6 months
First single words: --------------
Two word phrases: -------------
Three word phrases:-----------
Ave # of words per utterance : -----------
Estimated no of words in childs vocabulary: --------
Percentage of speech intelligible to other: 0%
Toilet trained: ---------------

Who the heck comes up with these forms? Do they want to torture us parents by making us fill them in? Well what I mean by filling in, by putting lines next to everything. 

We had such a nice summer didn't think much about what my child couldn't do, only focused on what she has achieved, they might be small achievements to a typical child but to Annabelle she has being trying so hard to master certain tasks, like trying to lift her sippy cup to her mouth, where is that on the list?

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