Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Everything

From the moment I met you, I knew you were the one,
you were my lobster,
my soul mate,
my best friend,
my everything,

We have been through some ups,
and we have been through some downs,
but what a ride it has been,
with you by my side,

You weren't keen on changing things by having children,
but you have embraced fatherhood with all your being,
you are a wonderful father,
our children could not ask for a better Dad,

Sometimes we fight,
we always make up,
you put up with me on my crazy days,
you accept me on my bad hair days,
(I am not sure which I have more of?)
but you can always make me laugh,
and I will always love you,
Thank you for marrying me,
and even though you joke by saying
'I didn't know what true happiness was until I got married, then it was too late...
I know you don't mean it
Happy anniversary my darling, wonderful husband
Twelve years and still going strong.
September 19, 1998, Our wedding day

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