Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our first DME

If you are wondering, DME stands for Durable medical equipment (welcome to the world of special needs acronyms). Yes it arrived today! After months of waiting, begging and pleading that we needed a bath support for Annabelle it came yahoo! We have been using the Primo Euro baby bath ( 0-24 months)(see picture below), up till now and it has been great because it is one of the largest baby baths on the market and she most probably still fits in it for a few more months but because she is getting longer and longer she will outgrow it soon.

Now we have our new Columbia Medical Wrap-around bath Support, it would set you back $650 new if you bought it, but we got it thanks to Insurance and Medi-Cal.

And here's Annabelle modeling her new bath support she usually takes a while to get used to anything new but she was loving her new duck that came with it, that she didn't notice the new bath support. Score!

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  1. I love the pic of Annabelle in the bath! She looks so happy- isn't it amazing how much difference the right equipment makes? So glad you got it (finally)!