Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not just the girl next door

Well the saddest part of us moving house became apparent yesterday when our ex-neighbors contacted us, they had been out of town on vacation when the mold saga occurred and we had moved by the time they came back.

When their daughter Siyah found out that we had moved she began crying,  every day Siyah would call from her gate "Matthew,  Matthew,  Matthew" and my son Matthew would run round to their house and play.

She loved Matthew and would include him in her prayers at night. She had a small crush on him to say the least, she was devastated to find out we had moved, well to be more accurate that Matthew had moved.

Living in a cul de sac was great because all the children would play, ride their bikes and scooters in the street. Life was good until the bitter sweet twist of fate, mold fate, wreaked havoc on young love aaahhh........

Luckily we have only moved about a mile away and I am sure we will have a play date soon.

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