Friday, August 20, 2010

Healing "outside of the box" Friday

You know how they say you have to "think outside of the box" , well my approach to Annabelle and my families health is healing "outside the box".
All my life I have always looked to find alternative remedies to fix ailments, mostly because traditional doctors prescribe medication to treat the symptoms and not the cause, and along with taking that medication there are usually many side affects that possibly could happen that could be worse than the initial problem you had in the first place.
Like when Annabelle was 2 months old and she started arching back and not feeding, her pediatrician at the time (not any more we didn't go back to her) prescribed prevacid for Annabelle, she said Annabelle might have reflux? Without any other tests to confirm this. Well Annabelle was on the medication for 60 days things didn't get any better things just got worse her poops became diabolical green mucus I consequently found out what a strong medication it was and that it contained maltodextrin (corn) in it and Annabelle was allergic to corn which caused the upset tummy. We were glad to have taken her off the medication!
Well where I am getting to is this, over time I have found different things that help and I am going to start posting them, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor, if you please before trying any of my suggestions but most of them should be harmless with no side affects.

Have you got a wart, instead of going to the doctor to have it burned of only for it to grow back a month later take a square of banana skin and put the fleshy side down over the wart, now place a bandaid over keep it there as long as you can usually a day would be good, your wart should disappear shortly.

When I was pregnant with both my children I suffered from hemarroids (painful) I tried all sorts of creams from the pharmacy nothing working for any length of time then I came across a treatment, grated potato, if you want further details just leave me your email in comments and I will email you details, I don't want to get too graphic on the blog

Got a headache instead of running to grab the tylernol grab the fleshy part of your hand, the part between your thumb and pointer finger pinch it as hard as you can then massage it, your head ache should go away shortly.

Is your child a bit hyper, do you want to calm him/her down? Brew some chamomile tea and cool then replace their normal water they would drink during the day with the tea it should calm them.

I intend to think of some more soon and for this to be a regular post on this blog, if you know of any that you would like to share please share by posting in the comments I would love to hear about it.

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