Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annabelles Angels email update

Below is the email that I sent out recently to my dearest friend Zen the organizer of Annabelle's Angels to send out to all that contributed over Christmas to Annabelle's Angels Fundraiser.

Hello Annabelle's Angels
You are all most probably thinking what's happened to Annabelle and her family? And what did they do with all that money we raised for her? Well you'd think it would be an easy task spending $12k, especially on therapy, there is always loads of people out there ready to take your money and promise "a miracle cure", and most therapies are really expensive, so we were careful in our research and took the words of other parents in consideration, so we took quite a while to decide on what were the best therapies we were going to pursue for Annabelle. At first it's like a big jig saw puzzle, putting pieces together, you have to figure out how to help your child and not every therapy works the same for every child, and with us not even knowing a diagnosis yet, makes the job even more difficult. But we eventually decided on these two therapies to add to the existing ones we already do, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and G therapy. So all the money that was raised is being used directly for therapy for Annabelle.

Another cool thing that happened with Annabelle Angels a local mom who also has a special needs child contacted me and helped us to get qualified for Medi-cal so that any co-pays that we incur with medical costs will be covered by them, which has helped a lot.

With typical children they reach "milestones" but with special needs children we say they reach "inchpebbles" because their development is a lot slower. But Annabelle has been reaching a lot of "inchpebbles" this year, thanks to all of your prayers and your contributions to help raise money for the extra therapies. Once again thank you so much.
God Bless you
Sandi, Martin, Matthew and Annabelle

"Inchpebbles" Annabelle is prop sitting more and more every day

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