Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mold Truth

No doctor has ever told us Annabelle will never, walk, talk, sit ect. No doctor has ever given us a prognosis, for them to be able to do that they first need to have a diagnosis. We don't have a diagnosis!

I read other moms blogs about how they were told there child would be a vegetable for the rest of their lives and never do anything and their child every day proves that doctor wrong by sitting, walking, talking.

We saw 2 new doctors at the beginning of this year and they ran some more tests, we did an EEG and a repeat MRI (the MRI we did at 6 months old was normal) from all of that we got that she had an abnormal EEG but she has no clinical seizures, and the MRI showed that she has a metabolic condition causing things to happen in her brain. All he other tests came back normal the last test that hasn't been done is a muscle biopsy where they cut a chunk of muscle out of your child's leg to see if the child has a mitochondrial disorder. May be all along the problem was right under our noses!?

Well here we sit in a hotel room because at present we are homeless, what started as a leak in the upstairs bathroom has now become a huge problem, walls being torn down and Mold found
behind those walls, and its been going on for a long time. When the remediation company came
in to start the work the guy said to us that we have to be so careful because mold is very
toxic and especially with young children, could cause problems with their development.
At that point he did not know about Annabelle.
Well alarm bells started ringing in my head and what did I do, I went straight to the Internet that place you go to when you want to "scare the hell out of yourself!" especially if you have an undiagnosed child.

Loads of sights come up scaring me more as I read what do I do, who do I call? Should we do tests? what tests? It's all a bit vague with no clear direction.

So I email the doctor that we have been seeing that prescribed HBOT, ask her what to do, she recommends that I call J to come in and do some tests in the house, we stop the remediation company from tearing down any more walls. J comes in the next day and does some air samples. He is also appalled at the poor set up the remediation company had and was really worried they had spread mould all over the house not just in the family room where the damage was.
The test results come back and yes there is mould in our house mostly in the family room and in his report he is most concerned about one type that is hard to capture and there was quite a high amount in the air. It's name I can't recall now but starts with a C, I google it and low and behold it possibly could cause neurological problems. We have been in this house 3,5 years, I was pregnant with Annabelle, she was just a small baby when I brought her home, all these things are going through my head, could this mold have caused all her problems no, no, no, stop yourself your hypercondriac self is showing up have we all been affected? My son suffers from chronic nosebleeds is that a side affect I have been coughing, sneezing since they came in and tore down walls?
OMG will this nightmare never end, will I never have peace, will I be searching for answers for the rest of my life!? This is the Mold Truth!


  1. so sorry your going through all this

  2. So glad you are out of that house now!