Monday, July 5, 2010

Dive 35 - HBOT update

I was going to do a post about The Feldenkrais Method but still need to upload some video and so I thought I would do this post first.
Well here we are, in the HBOT chamber doing our 35th dive, time has gone fast and I really don't want them to end because we have seen a few good changes, here are a few we have noticed since we started 7 weeks ago.
I will try list the gains in the order we noticed them,

  • Hands softened and opened more (mostly tight fist most of the time before)
  • Lateralization of the tongue, moving tongue to side of mouth
  • New found interest in toys
  • Which leads her to crawl around the house more to find more toys
  • More interest in trying to open cupboards
  • Crawled up a step that was a foot high
  • Getting onto knees and climb into toy box with both arms
  • Cognitively - more interest at school
  • Making more sounds "v" 'b" "d" "g"
  • Ability to make choices better
  • Able to hold objects better, release better
  • Able to get hand to her mouth and chew on fingers
  • Pincer grip emerging (using thumb and pointer finger to pick things up)
  • Sitting more stable and arms supporting more
All these might not seem like huge gains or milestones to anybody that reads them but to Annabelle these are major breakthroughs.

So Martin and I have decided that HBOT has been such a positive therapy for Annabelle that we are going to continue and do another 40 more sessions Yippee! I am so happy.

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  1. Wow...This is such GREAT news! I am so happy for you guys!