Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mold update

After a hard day packing up our worldly possessions, with two wonderful cleaning ladies and my parents in-laws helping us, we managed to get everything packed in boxes.

Tomorrow we move a mile down the road to a new house.

A nerve wrecking week of searching for a new place to live, with trying to stay in the same area so that my son does not have to change schools, and also staying in a one bedroom hotel all four of us, all week, my nerves were shot! We eventually got a call Friday morning (thank you Jesus) that we were accepted, and we get to rent the house we wanted.

Tomorrow we move in, hopefully a clean start, MOLD free!

This means tomorrow morning before they take our furniture to the new house, we have to wipe down every surface just in case any mold has settled. I don't want to be taking the mold with us. We have already thrown out any soft furnishings because it is very hard to get mold out of those by just wiping them down.

Annabelle has taken everything in her stride this week, only had one melt down in all that has been happening (which is pretty good for her even in a good week she can have more than one) she has been eating well and is quite happy, we suspect she is happy to be away from the mold or may be she is happy because mummys happy to be away from the mold, who knows?

We have seen yet another doctor, he specializes in environmental medicine so in other words things that make you sick from the environment, he has recommended a urine test for Annabelle this will test if any mycotoxins are coming out of her body through her urine, the results take 3-4 weeks I will keep you posted, next hurdle actully getting urine out of my daughter, who ever invented those pediatric bags to collect urine in babies was obviously a man because they do not work on girl babies.

Well see ya next post will be from the new house.

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