Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's behind the green door?

So you know we have been doing a bit of work to our house while we waited for our stuff to arrive from California, right? When I say a bit its an under statement here is a list of what we have accomplished in 5 and a half weeks - as our plumber says one of the quickest refurbishments he has ever seen.

  • We ripped off wall paper of the walls and even off the ceiling.
  • We then found mould in the en suite bathroom which we ripped out and had to replace stud walls and floors and ceilings in the room.
  • We had the family bathroom window enlarged and a brand new window placed in the en-suite bathroom.
  • We had the window in the dining room changed to french doors.
  • We had new replacement windows fitted throughout the whole house.
  • We had the main bathroom ripped out.
  • We had the house painted throughout.
  • We replaced the 2 bathrooms with new suites.
  • We had a new back door fitted.
  • We had a new front door fitted.

  • We had demolished the front and back steps and made it into ramps so that the house is wheelchair accessible.

Now we have a new blue front door and a ramp that we can push Annabelle in her wheelchair up into the house.

Tonight the carpet fitters are busy in our house laying new carpets, tomorrow we are going to the house to finish any last minute jobs like putting up curtains poles and cleaning. And then our shipment is going to be delivered on Thursday morning and finally we will move into our house! After 3 long months of living out of suitcases we can finally unpack and settle down.

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  1. That's absolutely fantastic, how exciting, the refurb sounds fabulous, wheelchair friendly doors to the new bath suites all sound super. Can't wait to see some pics of your new home.

    WOW 3 months already! Hope you adjusted back to the UK well, don't make me jealous of the shopping...just think you can arrange your groceries delivered to your door to the hour.