Friday, February 25, 2011

HBOT summary

Before we left Orange County, California we squeezed in as many hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions as possible, bringing our total to 138 dives since we started in May 2010. Reason being we saw such great results since we started. Out of all the alternative therapies we looked into doing for Annabelle I was most sceptical about HBOT I thought it was very expensive and that the improvement weren't consistent from child to child. There is not much information out there about how it works and how it can help brain injured children. Well I was very misinformed, luckily the doctor we saw said to us to just try 20 sessions if we saw improvements in Annabelle then we would know then that HBOT will help her, if we saw nothing then HBOT won't help her. It was as simple as that.

Well we tried 20, but it didn't take us 20 dives to realise that HBOT was going to help Annabelle, after 5 dives her hands that were permanently fisted started to open.

She gained more control over her hands and could hold onto things she couldn't before. It seeme like a light had been switched on in her head she would concentrate better at preschool, could match picture to objects, recognise colours. We were so excited after the first 40 dives we decided to do another 40.

She started to commando crawl around the house even navigating up a step then down it too. She  became curious about her surroundings looking into cupboards. Every time we did another 40 session we saw more imrovements happening.

We were so happy with California Integrative Hyperbaric Center  they were great with helping us with anything we needed and truly made us feel at home while we were there, it truly is  place of Grace just like its name says. In California we were lucky, it was really easy to do the sessions we lived only 10 minutes drive from the center. We have brought Annabelles hood with us and we are hoping to find a center here in England where we can get HBOT for Annabelle in the near future.

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  1. Wow! That is so fantastic, I have been thinking about it for Oatie. I know it's different from child to child, but I'm so pleased for Annabelle.

    I hope that you're settling in well and don't make me jealous with groceries to your door for free...from all my favourite food shops or Next...

    I hope the mould saga II has been sorted out.

    That's so fantastic,

    Miss you guys,