Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Oh poor thing!"

No thanks! We don't need your sympathy, we are doing just fine without it!

People just don't know how to react when I tell them about Annabelle this is the reaction I got today "Oh poor thing"  do they feel sorry for us or is it just a knee jerk reaction because they are lost for words?

We are sort of stuck in the "inbetween" most people don't realize there is something different about Annabelle because she looks quite typical in her stroller, most children at 2,5 could still be in a stroller but Annabelle is fast approaching 3 and soon it will be obvious that she doesn't walk, talk, and sit and I will be confronted with having to explain to people "No she is not sleepy she just can't hold her head up" "No she's not shy she just doesn't talk" "No she's not been sick she just doesn't swallow very well and some of it comes out of her mouth sometimes" Then I'll have to face the uncomfortable silence or the stares because they have been shocked unexpectedly or have to deal with comments like the above yuck....

The other day another Mom at school came up to me very excitedly introduced herself was really friendly was really keen on our sons having play dates, then when I told her about Annabelle she seemed to brushed it off, well I haven't seen her since, is she avoiding us?

Please don't stare at us it makes us uncomfortable please rather come over and talk to us, Annabelle does understand more than you think!

Please don't make rude comments like the above, Annabelle does understand more than you think!

Please don't ignore us we have feelings too, Annabelle does understand more than you think!

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  1. Thanks for sharing- you did it quite eloquently. I have been wanting to vent about the very same things for weeks now! I am so tired of rude people! BTW...Great pic!