Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beach Therapy

Aloha from Hawaii.

We cashed in our American air miles we've been saving for the past 4,5 years to get 4 flights and we've rented a friends 1 bedroom condo at a special price, so that we can spend Christmas on Kauai Hawaii. We most probably won't get the chance again to come round to this part of the world any time soon.

It is a truly amazing place and I think Annabelle is in love with the beach, the sea, the sand and the waves. We have been visiting the beach most days and doing our own form of therapy that Annabelle seems to like very much - Beach Therapy we sit on the shore and wait for the waves to come up and splash us and then she giggles with delight. It fills my heart with joy to hear her laugh so much.

We have a small palm tree in the lounge and have made it our Christmas tree. As you would expect back in Bethlehem when Jesus was born they too only had palm trees, I bet!

We have been eating good food and detoxing with good clean sea air. Annabelle and I had a spa morning in, we rubbed our whole body with rhassoul clay and let it dry, we even put it in our hair, then we showered it off, this detoxes by drawing the toxins out through the skin.Your skin feels so smooth afterwards.

Only 1 day to Christmas, there is much excitement, we are having a very simple Christmas only a handful of presents (can you believe Amercan charges $25 for each bag you check) so we couldn't bring too much with us. But Christmas is not all about the presents it's about remembering Jesus's birthday and being with the people you love.(sorry Mom I wish you were here too I love you)

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.

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  1. She is beautiful! 'Beach therapy' - how nice! Agreeing with you on you concept of Christmas - simpler, with loved ones (or as many as possible!) Barbara