Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip to the Zoo

The Carroll children center sponsored families with special needs children to go to Marwell Zoo for the day. So we thought we would join in on the fun, and considering the Zoo is only 15 minutes drive from our house it was a fantastic day out.

In the middle is this beautiful stately home, Martin and I loved it especially after taking it in turns pushing the wheel chair around the 3km zoo or holding Annabelle up so that she can see the animals we were both shattered and just wanted to have a nap on the grass.

Matthew was in charge of the map and finding the animals.

We found giraffes these were Annabelle's favourites!

We found some sleeping camels, and a lots of sleeping animals that we didn't take pictures of!

We even found some fish.

 But the favourite thing we found was this swinging monkey.

Lets zoom in, no its Annabelle, she loved this swing.

And after a hard morning playing in the park and finding animals theres nothing like using my sisters wheelchair to rest on and eat my snack!

The whole family enjoyed a well deserved day out!


  1. Dear Sandi,

    Sorry can never remember if you're an i or a y... What a beautiful day out, the photos are fantastic,

    Love Mel

    P.S: I am looking at the green lush grass and sighing... we're still knee deep in snow x

  2. Enjoyed reading about your excellent day!