Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes I can hear I have selective hearing because I'm 2

So we have always thought Annabelle could hear but it was brought into question when a speech therapist was doing an evaluation,( Annabelle has no speech she makes sounds, mostly vowels and of course the incessant 2 year old whining!) and did the test where you rattle something behind the child and see if they turn. Well Annabelle turned to the right but didn't turn to the left. So then we were worried that she couldn't hear in her left ear, and we proceeded to take Annabelle to a formal evaluation. They put Annabelle in booth and piped sounds directly in her ears and if she turned then a bird in a box would light up. She would consistently turn to the right but not to the left, they recommended we do an ABR test - auditory brainstem response test. This is a test where the child is sedated and with a special test it checks if the brain is actually hearing the sounds.

We get up 5am in the morning to get up to CHOC to get the test done at 7 am. They gave us the results straight away, yes Annabelle has normal hearing in both ears. I should have known my daughter loves to pass tests!

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